On The Wake Up: Rise Of The Gestapo PT.2

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On The Wake Up
Sundays 11:30PM EST
Hosts: Kaze Cutlass (Kazcut)
Masonic Marine (Masonicmarine)
Producer: Sindy Ashby

The Militarization Takes On A Whole New Meaning In 2021. Will It Be "HHS" "Domeatic Special Operations"? "No Knock Raids" For Gun Confiscations? Or Maybe Armed Escorts To Your Local Quarantine Center.
Until There Is An "Assault Weapons Ban" There Will Be More(Governmen Sponsored) Mass Shootings. Time To Revisit "Operation Gladio". Mid-April To Early May Should Be Very Interesting.
Just 2 And A Half Months Until The US Discloses Their UFO Info. Think They're Gonna Hit Us With A Fake Alien Invasion?
Did You Hear About All Of The "Covid" And Pandemic Patents That Predate 2021? This And Much More...

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