On The Wake Up: "Season Of Sacrifice"

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On The Wake Up
Saturdays 11:30PM EST
Hosts: Kaze Cutlass (Kazcut)
Masonic Marine (masonicmarine)
Producer: Sindy Ashby (sashbyfilms)

Like We've Been Saying: More Mass Shootings, More Wars And Rumors Of War, And More Terrorism In This Presidential Administration. Back To Business As Usual.

The US Is Supposed To Pull Out Of Afghanistan By May 1, 2021. PLENTY TIME For Something To Go Wrong.

Whats Going On With Canada's Lockdown? Watch What Happens To The Countries With NO GUN RIGHTS!!!

Did You Hear The One About The Chinese Harvesting "African" Penises To Sell Back To China? This Shit You Cannot Make Up.

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