On The Wake Up: Fascism, Revolution And Reparations

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On The Wake Up
Sundays 11:30PM EST
Hosts: Kaze Cutlass (Kazcut)
Masonic Marine (masonicmarine)
Producer: Sindy Ashby (sashbyfilms)

Fascism, It's Time To Break Down What It Really Means, And How We Are Now Living It In The USA, And Most Of The Western World.

Revolution, We're Diving Into The "Art Of War" Tonight, So Prepare To Take Notes. We See Too Many Protests And Not Enough Revolution.

Reparations, Oddly Enough, IT ALL RELATES Find Out How, We're Bringing Receipts Black People.

We Told You At The Beginning Of This Presidential Administration That We Could Have "Wars Or Rumors Of War", Mass Shootings, And Terrorism. Did You Hear The One About A Possible World War Brewing In Ukraine? How About Israel's "Dimona" Power Plant Almost Being Hit By Syrian Missiles?

REST IN POWER Phil Schneider
Rest In Power David Crowley

Tune In LIVE onthewakeupradio.com
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