Leaving Instagram Speech

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41   11 days ago
CleezeReport | 21 subscribers
41   11 days ago
Good Night Sweetheart

I know I won’t get a bunch of likes or engagement on this post, and I’m sure with the new shadow banning it won’t show up on all 20k of my followings news feed. But I do want to say what I got to say anyway. I can’t do it “THIS” anymore. Those that rock with me has seen the hints of the coming to an end. Whether it was going to be IG that deleted me or me deleting myself we knew this day was coming. So just like I did years ago on YouTube, I have deleted all my content. And just like YouTube, I will keep my page. I just won’t post what I normally post here. In the coming weeks, it may grow harder to reach me by DM so I would suggest you join either my website email list or open a @otwtube account and follow/friend me there. I’m serious my brothers and sisters, this is the closing act and I bid you a farewell. It has been a nice ride and I’ve enjoyed the positive engagement and debates. So if you are wondering why I’ll tell you why. My last engagement showed me that those of you who agree to show love and I do appreciate that. But those who disagreed can’t be changed so then I asked myself what is it all for. If I’m trying to provoke change and all I’m getting is discord then maybe it isn’t them it’s me. Lastly, this new algorithm is crazy, they don’t allow people to see the post. Then they are going back to old videos and flagging them as copyright. So I can no longer participate in this rat race. Remember if you want to see my content visit my website or otwtube. If you want to chat text me, other than that I’m out. Peace and blessings to you all. ~ Cleeze
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