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Anyone interested in being live over the radio and taking podcast to the next level. Anyone looking to do shows. We are here for you at

uncensored free speech on the air as well. Let’s go! 

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Message To The Future

We fight, not for ourselves, but for the future. It is the beginning of 2021, January 12. 

The world is on the verge of the Great Reset. Whatever happens between NOW and the dawn of Time Travel, just know that we chose to fight for your future. 

On The Wake Up Radio was created as a digital assault on disinformation, censorship, and ignorance. 

Every member of the OTW Family has vowed to fight for Free Speech and Truth, no matter the cost. We don't ask you to agree with everything we say or promote. We ask you to SEE FOR YOURSELF and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. 

If you are reading this, YOU are the resistance, no matter what spacetime, age, timeline, or plane of existence you reside. 

This war is unconventional. It takes place largely in the HUMAN MIND. Every facet of human life and existence is under assault by blood sucking, technocratic sorcerers, with the power to UTTERLY enslave all of humanity. 

If this scares you  YOU HAVE NOT BEEN PAYING ATTENTION. Don't be scared, BE BETTER. 

At this point if anything you hear in our archives is news to you, you are faced with a steep learning curve, and little time to make sense of a fucked up situation. 

If this is years...decades in the future and you are reading this, find the OTW archives and begin to piece together the past. 

If you are living in a utopia with freedom, love, human rights, and no autocratic, authoritarian overlords in sight then we have won, and you should KNOW what we had to do to attain that Liberty. 

But...If you find yourself living in a hellish dystopia with no freedom, and full spectrum dominance then the fight has yet to be won...and you WILL WIN. 

But you have to wake up...


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Thank you to everyone who has opened an account w for the next greatest social media platform! soon to merge with to bring you one of the greatest UNCENSORED radio/ social media platforms. 

 We are on the cusp of greatness! 

Cheers to speaking your truths without a fckd checker showing up! Haha . We at On The Wake Up Radio appreciate you! ✨✨✨

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So create albums for each category of pics and videos with photo or meme so others can use in comment box. New features ahead! It is a community effort. Enjoy! Have fun! 

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Welcome to onthewakeupradio!

2021 will be a great year for free speech and creativity for all of us! 

Love y’all

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