Metaverse Anyone?

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SIndyAshby | 107 subscribers
462   2 years ago
Imagine being a sims or Fortnite character and the actual player dies. Leaving the Avatar to sort things out.

Now imagine if this is already a simulation and you want out so you enter another simulation within your simulation… wouldn’t that be a soul trap?

Is anything real?

And oh yes maybe you should put down the knife because like the spoon in the matrix… there is no spoon. Never stop creating your own reality. The out-come is
the in-come and it is all at your expense. Don’t get Spent! When they put the spin on you.

Uncensored Free Speech Platform

Show: Twilight Zone
Episode DownTime

See y’all on the other side
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Spooky yet a peek into the future.
3 minutes of madness that just sent my mind into a rabbit hole of possibilities, Facebook (before META) profiles are not deleted when people die. Shiiiittttt!