It’s Mizz Max Health and Culture How do you have a healthy body without a healthy mind Guest Ocie Burton II

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It’s Mizz Max health and culture
"Health Is A Way Of Living...Culture Is A Way Of Being"


Guest info: About KidShopYet:
Unlike in 1995 there were only 3 components to Kidshop & Y.E.T. Now there are 9 different programs that extend across the ages from Early Learning (The 2 year old Academy) to A.G.E.(E) the senior citizen entrepreneurship training program Attitude Guidance & Enlightenment for Enterprise.
The new and improved Kidshop program works with the middle school students as Y.E.T. works with high school age youth and students, giving them entrepreneurship training in a program with an on-site retail location for the students to learn the rudiments of business, how to establish, operate, maintain and manage the business along with sales. marketing, advertising and promotion of the business.
We also teach Basic Skill Fundamentals, computer Literacy, Internet and Career Awareness Training where we have individuals from various employment genre inclusive of elected officials, appointees of elected officials, business owners, partners and individuals from all walks of life, come and speak to the students so they can listen to their stories on how they became who they are today and what the students may encounter in their journey through the world of work.

Special Guest: Ocie Burton II
(Entrepreneurship Program For All Ages)
Contact/Phone: (725) 200-8342
Classes Offered Include:
Minor Manual
Adult Instructional Services
Business Plan Guide
Local City/County License
Master State Program License
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It's Mizz Max Health And Culture
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