It's Time! BLACK MOTHERSCIENCE: The demise & return of the cosmic African mother!

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☥The first people and societies coalesced around the figure of The Mother. It was the Black African woman, the Mother of humanity and civilization. The original cosmology and technology of every world religion and science originates with the African Ma deity.☥

☥Come join us as we explore BLACK MOTHERSCIENCE: The demise and return of the cosmic African mother.☥

With Bakhet Ma'at Sat Ra, author of The Black Mother Wound - available on Amazon/Kindle/Kobo

Saturday, March 25th, 2023
7pm (GMT)
12pm (PDT)
2pm (CDT)
3pm (EDT)

Register and save your seat at www.saankhproductions/events

And get your copy of The Black Mother Wound: A Kemetic Centered Thought Remedy today!

Let's get willing to do the work! ☥☥☥☥☥☥
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